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2020 Toyota Camry vs 2020 Honda Accord | By IceAutoGroup

Over the years, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord have dominated the mid-size Car market. At the end of the day, when looking for a new family vehicle, a lot of drivers will pick between these two vehicles. Let's see if Toyota Camry is shaping up against the 2020 Honda Accord.


Toyota Camry 2020 offers you two engines to pick from. Many people would select a base four-cylinder engine that produces a pleasing 203 horsepower. If you're looking for really exhilarating performance, move up to the Camry V6 engine. This reaches a stunning 301 horsepower. Honda always has an option when it comes to the Accord engine lineup. Although the Accord base turbocharged four-cylinder engine generates 192 horsepower, the top-of-the-line engine produces 252 horsepower. Given the competitive performance of the Accord, it is obviously at a disadvantage. Camry 's extra horsepower helps make it more fun to drive on a regular basis. And the addition of the Camry TRD puts them miles ahead of the performance arena.

Fuel Economy

When gas prices today are so instable, choosing a fuel-efficient ride is critical. Toyota Camry wants to save you time on the pump if you're heading out of town. According to the EPA, a cumulative 34 mpg can be restored to four-cylinder engines. Meanwhile, the all-new Camry Hybrid has the potential to produce 52 mpg combined. Although the fuel economy of the Accord has also increased, a cumulative average of 33 mpg puts Camry behind it. Hybrid models of the Accord are expected to return a minimum of 47 mpg.

Safety Features

Passenger protection remains a big problem for the majority of people around the world. Excellent thing is that both cars come fitted with useful driving aids such as automatic emergency brakes and lane exit warnings.

The 2020 Camry comes fitted with the Star safety feature, 10 airbags, and the Toyota Safety Sense P Pre-Collision Pedestrian Warning Feature. The Honda Accord also comes with the Honda Sensing package, which includes the Collision and Road Departure Mitigation Systems, but not anything else. When it comes to health, Toyota has what you're looking for on a new trip.


Camry's L, LE, SE, SE Nightshade Model, XLE, XSE, TRD, XLE V6, XSE, and XSE V6 are a large range of trim levels. Price varies from $25,380 and $36,085, with an additional $955 fee, which is like automobile delivery.   If you're after a hybrid model, you have to pick between $29,385 and $33,685 of the LE, SE, and XLE models.

Honda sells the six trim levels Accord, L X, Premium, EX-L, Premium 2.0 T, EX-L 2.0 T, and Touring 2.0T. Pricing begins with the LX entry-level with $25.225 (including the required target of $995). The Hybrid configuration (subject to base, Ex, EX-L, and touring variants) is between $26,825 and $36,395, which includes the above-mentioned destination fee.

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