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2020 New Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Updated design | Better Performance

The NEW Mercedes AMG GLC 43 is here and there are some big changes. The GLC 43 gets updated for 2020 with more horsepower and revised styling. More horsepower and a revamped styling, Mercedes-AMG will bring a little more heat to the GLC 43 by 2020. The GLC 43 will also get a tech update alongside the latest styling with the inclusion of the latest MBUX infotainment system. The GLC 43 is still powered by a 3.0-liter V6: the same simple engine that drives the 2019 model. Even so, the engine gets a 23-hp bump for 2020 and now sends 385 hp to the automatic nine-speed transmission. The power flows from there into a rear-based all-wheel-drive mechanism, until hitting the tires. The extra power comes from bigger turbochargers and updated tuning of the engines.

The biggest shift visually for the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 in 2020 is the grille. Today it is visually in line with the vertical grilles used in the AMG GT and other Mercedes cars and SUVs wearing AMG-badge. A new pair of headlights is to highlight the grille. There is a new pair of LED taillights out of the back. While there are no significant improvements in styling, the subtle updates will help set your 2020 model apart in parking lots.

One good thing is that its suspension is at the comfort end of the continuum instead of having to be flexible enough to really cope with its weight, which would have undermined its stability on the highway. Not even those 20-inch wheels (wrapped in pretty respectable Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2s) make the ride rough, impressively soaking up relatively sharp bumps and big potholes.


The GLC 43 finally gets the latest version of the Mercedes infotainment system. Dubbed MBUX, when driving, the device will respond to voice commands by shouting "Hey, Mercedes," in the void. The GLC 43 would use a 10.25-inch display panel for those more interested in displaying the details on a phone. The large screen accentuates the instrument cluster with 12.3 inches.

Using Android Auto seems to limit the functionality of the trackpad, which means using the touchscreen, and it’s distracting when the input method you’re used to no longer works. Sometimes it’s the little things…

There are all the mandatory safety systems, but Mercedes' spend-up security systems are probably worth the price. The active safety features, in addition to stability control, will help keep the GLC-Class balanced in its lane, change lanes and slow down for corners. As with last year, automatic emergency braking is standard.

There is no word on price but we suspect that such refinements would significantly increase the price. Aim for the latest GLC 43 to start below $60 K but you can still tackle as many choices as you can afford. The GLC 43 will also be available in the standard SUV body style, as well as the cabin space-reducing coupe model.

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